J'ai bien reçu mon magnifique tirage en temps et en heure et dans un parfait état. L'artiste Mélissa Damour est talentueuse, je vous recommande de faire un tour sur son site.

Lauren Lépine

I've been a fan of the artist for 6 years and was thrilled when prints became available online. The print is extremely high quality with stunning vibrant colours and beautiful texture. The watercolour detailing is really clear and even though it's a print, it looks close to an original. The packaging was eco-friendly, thoughtful, and securely transported the print in perfect condition. Melissa was proactive and highly communicative regarding delivery delays due to COVID-19. She did everything she could to ship it out and it arrived swiftly in the end, even though there was no rush. I highly recommend the artwork. Stunning for your own collection and also would make great gifts. Thank you Melissa and can't wait to grow my collection :).

Jayanti De

It’s any segment’s honour to recommend Melissa after experiencing her extraordinary artistic flair, which she put into superb use by providing an immaculate illustration against a very strict brief. Using initiative, she submitted both alternative rough sketches and finalised drawings due to her resourceful nature. Turning around fast, Melissa’s drawing capabilities and skills are at a professional level, where any segment is very proud to display her work in both our printed and digital magazine.

Perminder Dhillon, Editor-In-Chief @anysegment magazine